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Why expoYo!

We have expreience with 3D exhibition business for more than 12 years. From the first system developed in Flash to a dynamic, intelligent HTML5 system that is available in all browsers, mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

The system was developed to offer the best user-experience, thus it is super easy to use, highly interactive, and engaging.

The expoYo! virtual platform is stored on multiple secure servers in the cloud that offer robustness, reliability, security, and high performance.

Here at expoYo! we take customer-service very seriously. Our top priority is to offer you seamless virtual events based on your needs. We assign a Personal Events Manager for your event who will be dedicated to your event success. There is no need to wait on the phone hours to reach other specialists, such as technical support, designers, developers, marketeers. Your Personal Events Manager will be your single point of contact and responsible to help you with all your queries for a successful event.

expoyo benefits, easy to use, reliable, scalable, fast, excellent service and support

A Real 3D Trade Stand can be Yours

Click (or touch) the booth on the left to see how it moves.

We provide not only simple 3D but also advanced real 3D stands. Fully customized booths, various options and designs to choose from.

Awesome 3D Exhibition Buildings

We will provide a virtual environment that is based on the event you are organizing.

Visitors will first see an inviting and beautiful building. This could be a modern or traditional building depending on the event, location, and country(region) e.g. Trade show in Dubai, an international fair, an academic event, etc.

virtual fair
exhibition lobby

Welcoming Exhibition Lobbies

Get a real feeling of being in an exhibition with people, sponsors' banners, information desk, etc.

Visitors can begin interacting with other visitors, exhibitors, or sponsors. Visitors can also visit any of the exhibition booths, search for products or services, or visit the Auditorium for available seminars.

Epic Seminar Rooms

Online Seminars, a.k.a Webinars, is a great way to present a topic, your business, products, or services.

Exhibitors have the option to include their videos not only in their booths but also in the Auditorium, one of the seminar rooms that offer more visibility.

beautiful semimar room
virtual expo booth

Booth Features

  • Exhibitors can choose different packages with various flexible and customizable capabilities such as, Basic, Gold or Platinum.
  • Choose from a variety of booth designs for each package.
  • Sponsors can receive Platinum membership as part of their package. Sponsors receive maximum visibility by advertising their banners in the exhibition lobby and auditorium. Also, visitors can visit their booths directly by clicking on their banners.
  • Give life to your pavilion and welcome your visitors with a real person or avatar.
  • Communicate and network with other visitors and exhibitors either in real time or offline with various tools such as the on-board message system, chat, voice, or video.
  • Add videos about your business products and services and build your brand.
  • List your products and services with images, pdf documents, brochures, and leaflets.
  • Let the visitors to your pavilion add you in their Favourites so they can visit you again.
  • Visitors can collect promotional material, such as business cards, brochures, etc. and add them in their briefcase.
  • Get real time and detailed information about your visitors with our Smart Analytics Dashboard.
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